LML back in February

It’s Christmas in… um… late December: citing “large export orders for two-wheelers” among other factors, LML announced production of scooters and autorickshaws will restart in 2 months, hopefully ending nearly a year of labor strife, legal wrangling, government meddling, threats of self-immolation, and general whining. Those export-only two-wheelers are presumably the LML Star, Genuine Stella, and New Zealand-model Belladona, making LML the only worldwide manufacturer of Vespa-style steel-bodied manual-transmission scooters. It’s unclear, but possible the autorickshaws are being built under contract for Bajaj. Thanks, M5 for keeping an eye on the BBS for me.

2 thoughts on “LML back in February”

  1. I spoke with a parts dealer in Mumbai who said that LML is still very popular in parts of the Middle East and Africa. The parts dealer was in the process of filling a large parts order for somewhere in east Africa, I forget which country. (He showed me a tantalizing small frame engine case that was just getting packed up.) Anyway, just wanted to add that there may be standing orders for areas other than Europe, Austrailia, and the U.S.

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