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  1. Lake Erie Loop IV – A small displacement road rally – see who can go around Lake Erie the fastest.
    Big News and Changes:

    Date: June 9, 2007

    Location: Clare-Mar Lakes Campground

    Facilities on site: 75 acre lake, large beach, swimming, fishing,
    canoes, rowboats, paddleboats, game room, baseball, volleyball,
    badminton, pavilions, group camping and fly in camping (yes, they have their own air strip).

    Friday night Bill Murar will be hosting the traditional Friday night cook out where I’m sure there will be much trash talking and bench racing.

    Sat. night, they’ll have a hayride and karaoke for those of you that
    make it back in time!

    There will be a pancake breakfast on Sunday morning. They also have a Sunday morning non-
    denominational service for anyone interested.

    Their regular prices are $25 for 2 adults plus $3 for electric per
    night. For the LELIV group they’re giving us a 2 adult site for Fri.
    and Sat night, with electric for $25, a saving of $31 for the
    weekend. If you have any overnight guests that’ll cost you an
    additional $4 per person per night. Not a bad deal. All compground
    costs will be paid directly to the campground employees upon checking

    If you want to do a mapquest search for Clare Mar Lakes, they’re
    located at 47571 New London Eastern Road, Wellington, Onio. Their
    website is

    The online files with the new information for registration should be
    completed early next week.

    In the interim if you are planning on competing in “The Loop” you should join this group to stay in touch with details and changes:

    Phil Waters
    Pride Of Cleveland Scooters

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