Patricia Piccinini’s “Nest”

Australian artist Patricia Piccinini has created a family of mutated fiberglass scooters for her 2006 “Nest” exhibition. 2SB pal Christine describes it best as “Surreal, oddly endearing, and sentimental like Bambi” and we can’t top that. If your taste for art extends beyond the scooter-related, see more at Patricia Piccinini’s site. Her first U.S. exhibition opens tomorrow at the Des Moines Art Center, with a later stop in Seattle. (Thanks, Chandler.)

6 thoughts on “Patricia Piccinini’s “Nest””

  1. I’ve contacted the Des Moines gallery in hopes of talking to her while she’s here in America, her work is pretty amazing and I’d like to find out if she has any scootering background (and where the “Nest” exhibition can be currently seen, which is unclear).

  2. That kinda freaked me out.

    In Des Moines, though, eh? I guess Kelly and I might take a trip and see if we can’t be freaked out in person.

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