MSF scooter booklet

Motorcycle Safety Foundation brochure

Among the many great publications available for free download at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s website, you’ll find “You and Your Scooter” (Download PDF), a 70-page booklet with great illustrations by Glen Reid. Covering basic safety, riding technique, laws, and maintenance, it’s an absolute must-read for any scooterist, and should be cable-tied to the throttle of every scooter sold in America. Obviously, it’s not terribly specific, all scooters are different and laws vary around the country, but it’s a great starting point for new (and old) riders. (Thanks to Larry on the CHIscooterList!)

3 thoughts on “MSF scooter booklet”

  1. Go Glenn! That’s super cool you got that gig. I’m glad someone from the scooter world was selected to do this project. Many of the illustrations are even pretty spiffy.

    Maybe the motorcycle industry is finally beginning to wake up to scooters? Sales figures talk I guess. Or would that be accident figures? Maybe it’s just prejudice that scooterists can’t ride? Doubt we’re likely to see anything similar in Cycle World or from the AMA anytime soon.

    Anyway. Again. Way to go Glenn!


  2. Great booklet – the artwork makes it interesting reading. So many of those DMV publications read like colon cancer self exam pamphlets.

  3. I’d downloaded this a few weeks ago but just now got around to looking at it, wow! Very impressive illustrations Glenn, brilliant and iconic like your work always is. I love how much “vintage” scooter you were able to work into it, even though most of the people reading it will probably be riding Silverwings or something, that aesthetic is timeless and appeals to all when they think of scooters. Bravo on a very impressive piece of work, you’re a wonderful asset to the scooter community.

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