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POCPhil found the Piaggio MP3 promo film on YouTube. It’s pretty low quality (possibly re-filmed off a TV screen), so I hunted down another, clearer version with different (better) music,including David Bowie’s “Cat People” and Joey Ramone’s version of “What a Wonderful World.” Whether this was an official Piaggio trade-show edit, or something some maniac on the web put together is unclear. In any case, it’s cheesy, but the fact that Piaggio could be arsed to promote one of their vehicles is hope for the future. There’s a lot more MP3 video on YouTube, including a funny MP3 clip from British TV show Fifth Gear featuring some difficult lane-splitting and an MP3 time trial versus a Vespa P200. If that’s not boring you yet, check out this MP3-400 footage from EIMCA, a MP3 test ride in Cy’s hometown, and more.

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  1. Beeb-

    Even weirder. USAToday Weekend (think, Parade Magazine, but with less casserole recipes) has a cover story on the MP3 staring out at me from my Sunday paper with that Mad Money guy riding it (well, stationary, not riding, the wheels were straight up-and-down).

    It’s Bizarro World

  2. Actually, the time trial is against a GT or GTS (didn’t look close enough to be sure which).

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