La Vespa se gustan Concha

The Scooter Scoop posted this video with the headline “I Love Baseball,” but I’m pretty sure she’s saying “Vespa,” so I think Steve was joking. The sixties-via-eighties (or is it fifties-via-seventies?) Chroma Key majesty is something to behold. For a moment, I thought it was a “winter” version of my favorite song, but it turns out it’s “Vespa, Vespa,” by Concha Velasco, a Spanish actress who’s starred in over a hundred films and television shows, including two currently in production.

6 thoughts on “La Vespa se gustan Concha”

  1. OK, sorry to be such a monumental anorak here (especially when there’s ladies involved) but whats Vespa with a P-type body and Rally/Sprint headsets? Some motovespa hybrid?

  2. I didn’t even notice the headsets, but there *was* something about them that made me take a second look to make sure they were P-series…es… so yeah, probably Motovespa, or possibly, since we don’t really them from the waist down, they weren’t even complete (or real) scooters.

  3. There were scooters in that video? Oh yeah. My attention must have been diverted. – Just like the very happy grinning guy in the back – you can see him just to the right of the singer behind the 7 girls. He must be the wrangler.

  4. It does sound like baseball…

    Reminds me of the book,’ Excuse me while I kiss this guy’,
    or that commercial where the guy is singing, The sheep don’t like it, rock in the cat box, rock in the cat box.

  5. Look at the badges – def Motovespa.

    From the mouth of my better half – “these are early Motovespa – P-series frames with Rally forks and headsets. Fork modified to take P front fender”.

    Personally, I think *I* should be the one getting the pats (anopats…) on the back for recognising the badges.

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