Vespa LXS to U.S.?

The Scoop also reports today that The Vespa LX “Special” model, arguably the best-looking Vespa of the last 20 years, may come to America in Fall 2007, possibly even with a 150cc engine. Great news, but once again, it’s disappointing to get Europe’s leftovers while Colaninno talks about what an important market we are.

4 thoughts on “Vespa LXS to U.S.?”

  1. Oh, SOLD! Past life regression and mid-life crisis, all rolled into one.

    Wonder what it’ll cost. Will this be the “entry level” model, what with its lack of glovebox and “seating for one”?

  2. Smart to leak that info? Why create a hype for a vehicle that may/may not be half a year way? With all the attention/hype focused on new and upcoming vehicles, it makes the ones in showrooms already outdated. Check MV for dealers practically giving away 200s….

  3. Who cares what it costs, or what it does, as long as it DOESN’T have that stupid 11″ front wheel – There are currently 2 tire options for a Vespa LX and neither had held up well.

    Yeah it sucks hyping models that replace / devalue models that haven’t even arrived in showrooms yet. We’ve got folks saying they’re not buying the MP3 because they’re waiting ’till the 400cc version comes out. It’s not even on the road in Europe yet and folks act like it’s gonna show up here this season.

    But, look at it this way for my first 10 years of scootering we had NO new models to look forward to. There was only a tease of Vespa re-entering the US market and then they showed up with Et4/Et2 and nothing else. Better to have more selection than to go back to ’93.


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