SunL Sucks?

Phil’s review of the SunL microcar got a few laughs over on the SunL Sucks bulletin board. It’s funny that many Chinese brands’ hate sites and bad reviews have higher Google rankings than the brands’ official site. As we always say, if you:

  • have no problem buying a scooter you can’t see first-hand, and sit on, and test-ride before buying,
  • have no problem risking your life on a motor vehicle that costs less than you spend on coffee in a year,
  • have no interest in after-sale support, maintenance, or parts availability, and
  • trust a Chinese company and a fly-by-night importer to keep your best interests in mind,

then by all means, buy a Chinese scooter on the internet. Also be sure not to do any research beforehand, and ride helmetless, in flip-flops. You also don’t need a license, plates or insurance and you can park and even ride on the sidewalk. Have fun.

3 thoughts on “SunL Sucks?”

  1. that post made me laugh hard enough to start checking this site more often

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