New membership policy explained

In the last couple weeks, we’ve had dozens of suspicious registrations from and and the like. None of these randomly-generated names posted any spam, so we’re not sure if they were planning an attack, or their mail host nuked them before they even got that far, but we deleted them and for the sake of keeping our membership list neat and tidy, we’ve blocked new memberships from certain free email hosts like yahoo, hotmail, runbox, etc.

Unfortunately, many upstanding citizens also use free email services, and we’d love to have them as members too. If you already belong, no problem, you’re all set. If you’re trying to join 2sb as a new member from such a service, you will be redirected to this post. To join, just email us with your first and last name (won’t be seen by other members) and your preferred screen name. Also tell us something specific about yourself other than “I’m serious biker lady look to meeting new friends.” We’ll email you a login and password ASAP.

Sorry to make it so complicated, please blame the idiots who ruin the internet with spam, not me. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “New membership policy explained”

  1. But, what if I am “serious biker lady in seek of new friends”? And moreover, what if I want to “find other scooter rider to make happy?”

    What then mister Beeb?

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