Motorcycle Rider Program classes announced

The University of Illinois Motorcycle Rider Program is now accepting applications for their 2007 classes. As usual, applications are taken only by mail or in person, and the classes fill up amazingly fast. If you’re in Chicago, you may want to Fed-Ex your applications or drive them to Champaign in person. (Thanks for the reminder, Larry)

You can’t take the class on a scooter, but motorcycles are provided and the skills you’ll learn are crucial to scooter riding. Mike Maddox and 2sb are trying to organize a special scooter-only session in the Chicago area, we can’t promise anything but we’ll keep you posted and we recommend signing up for the regular course, whether or not you take the scooter course later.

One thought on “Motorcycle Rider Program classes announced”

  1. Last year, I tried to do it at Triton while GM at Vespa of Chicago. Too much red tape! Instead they tried to get me to sponsor/donate for a banquet! I’ll try to donate some helmet seconds, but not if too much effort is required. Back to last year, I had the PUSA demo fleet at the UC (stadium) parking lot for Motorcycle Ring’S cool’s instructor certification. The plans for lending a fleet of Fly 150’s where stymied by the former owner and his business falling apart. PUSA tried to buy some time and use the fleet again, but Secretary of State officials showed up and deep-sixed that one. The school ended up with Kymco 50’s and the classes filled. The courses were half price of basic motorcycle, I don’t think Sarah won’t repeat. Yes it’s more dough, but the IDOT people seem to come up with more reasons not to than do.

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