Piaggio targets Indian scooter market

You read it here a week ago (and should have read it here three months ago), but it just hit the Indian business press today: Vespa and Aprilia are launching a subsidary in India, and will manufacture scooters there for the Indian market, including more fuel-efficent versions of Aprilia’s larger-displacement models.

2 thoughts on “Piaggio targets Indian scooter market”

  1. The big surprise for me when I was in India last December was the the huge success Piaggio already has in India. There Apes (and yes that’s what Piaggio calls them there) were all over the roads.

    Piaggio hit on a demand for a larger diesel goods carrier/autorickshaw platform. It was a little wider and a little longer but this extra capacity seemed to be just the ticket for the market. It has been wildly successful. They actually dominate in Bajaj Auto’s home town of Pune and Bajaj Auto has roughly 90 percent of the three wheeler market in India. To be fair, Piaggio India is also based in Pune.

    I gave Bryan some photos of our India trip that he should eventually get around to posting.


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