4 thoughts on “WKRP pix”

  1. Once again I was dissed by 2Stroke Buzz. First Bryan snaps a picture of me at the Dealer Expo and can not walk over & say hi. Now he comes to Cincinnati and takes all these pictures and could not be bothered to say hi again. What gives?

    Just bustin your chops.


  2. Dude! I don’t even know what you look like, I don’t think!

    I am sorry, though, I was pretty antisocial in Cincinnati, partially because Tracie was on crutches and we were on a tight schedule trying to balance family/rally/derby, so I ran right past a lot of close friends and barely said hi. Then at the Comet we sat outside on the patio and no one knew we were out there…

    Which dealer expo picture is you? I guess I’ve never matched your site to your face, ha.


  3. Oh, THAT Dave, ha! I was just talking about you with someone, wondering what ever happened to you. Well, geez, yeah, 11 years, wow. I’ll let you know next time I’m down.

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