RIP Eurovespa 1954-2006

Since 1954, (with a decade-long break in the 1970s), Vespa lovers gathered at Eurovespa for the grandest, largest, proudest rally known to scooterkind. John Gerber points out that the Vespa World Club has abandoned the Eurovespa name to call the 2007 event “Vespa World Days.” The “expected date of the event” (what?) is June 14-17 in San Marino. Piaggio continues to somehow exploit and butcher their proud history simultaneously. Here’s hoping they don’t ruin their one failure-proof event.

5 thoughts on “RIP Eurovespa 1954-2006”

  1. The best part is that they have a typo in their link to the Vespa World Days site send you to one of those weird sites with nothing but links.

    So, I guess we should call AmeriVespa “American Vespa Days!”

  2. Technically, since “Vespa” always comes first and I (for some reason) read “World” as a noun rather than an adjective, it’d be “Vespa America Days.” The expected date of which may be July 12-15.

  3. One advantage of killing the Eurovespa name is that a Vespa “world” club won’t be incumbered by an event name that limits the location to Europe.

    Maybe now we will see Vespa World Days in places like South Africa, Taiwan, Mumbai and New York? Getting the event out of Southern Europe, namely Italy, would be a good start.


  4. That’s a very good point, Dave. Think we could con them into holding it in the US in conjunction with Amerivespa? Think we’d have a rat’s chance of getting any corporate support for it?

    Actually, I hear those guys in Argentina really know how to do up right — I think it would be very cool to go there for a rally some day.

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