A few rashers more? Think again, Galewood

mmmmmmmThe folks over at Gizmodo reported on some ‘scientists’ in the UK that have come up with an equation for the perfect bacon sandwich. Further research revealed that my lab rat brethren at Leeds University have defined what is the perfect “Bacon Butty”. I’ve been eating bacon sandwiches with pleasure for the last thirty plus years, but these little pleasures are more akin to what Americans would call a fried ham sandwich (Here is where I give a shout out to my pals in Seattle, Joe and Euan, for introducing me to the bacon butty at a bar down the street from Soundspeed Scooters in the Fremont neighborhood). Being that 2strokebuzz is primarily a scooter ‘blog’, I’ll apologize for going off topic but I know that the subject is close the heart of many of it’s loyal readers. Read on and decide for yourself and let the derision of ‘merican bacon commence (p.s. I like both kinds, but not too crispy).

7 thoughts on “A few rashers more? Think again, Galewood”

  1. Speaking of bacon, was last year really the last year for Galewood?

  2. Oh, and yes, Al, no Galewood this year, sorry. Tracie and Grace have a BBQ truck gig in Indiana. The good news is, they have many events coming up, which means you get to eat pork that much more often.

  3. Now maybe Beeb will have more posts about soccer and obsure music that brooke doesn’t understand again…

  4. Understanding and caring are two different things. Though I would like to hear ‘what rocks us’ on some random friday.

    And I just noticed the following over on the “Three Years Ago” column to the left:

    “The Descendents rock us and New London to New Brighton”

  5. sssh, the first rule of “what rocks us” is not to talk about “what rocks us.” And tomorrow’s Friday.

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