The Rattler Buck-Ten

Genuine Rattler 110

Just saw a print ad (targeted at dealers) for the Genuine Rattler 110. The new color (red/black) and bigger engine are definite improvements, rumor has it here in late June (hopefully the Blur 200 will be on the same boat). We’re loving the “Buck-Ten” designation. Is this Brooke’s dream bike? Discuss.

18 thoughts on “The Rattler Buck-Ten”

  1. While I like the displacement and the new color, I’m not a huge fan of the rattler. The larger diamter rims put it high up off the ground. The bars and the DOT signals leave something to be desired. But I guess that’s the easily ‘customized’ part that is a possible selling point. Now if I could put that motor in a buddy 50, that would be dope.

  2. Why bother with a 110? If you want more than a 50cc then go all the way up to a 150. I fail to see the benefit.

  3. Not sure if it’s a 2- or 4-stroke, but the PGO PMS (which is what it is) comes in 50 and 110 2-strokes. I can’t think of any modern 90cc-110cc scooters and a 110cc 2-stroke sounds pretty cool, so maybe it’ll sell. They never marketed the original Rattler much, I imagine it’s not costing them that much to rebadge it, and it fills out the Genuine line nicely, so it’s a “why not?” situation. Maybe the 50 shares an engine with the buddy. Maybe the 110 2-stroke would fit in the Buddy… (total speculation)

  4. I like the updated styling. The “little green man” that was on the last gen version kind of freaked me out.

    Knowing Phil, he probably won’t be too interested in selling just 110cc engines, so we’ll probably have to scavenge wrecked Rattlers to swap into Buddies (assuming they fit).

  5. This thing would be perfect for the cratered, boilerplated streets of Seattle. My insurance company (Farmers) bases rates on engine displacement, so in my case it would be a few dollars cheaper every six months than a 125 or 150. Personally, I don’t care what size the engine is, I just want to know how it goes…

    Did the ad mention pricing?

  6. The only thing that’s good on the streets of Seattle is more than 2 wheels. Big wheels really don’t help all that much when you hit one of those concrete turtles in the rain while taking a left hand turn. Word is that the pricing and performance will be on par with the buddy 125, but with possibilities of performance parts in the pipeline. The more I look the more I like. But I’m not sure I can wait ’til June before I buy a scooter with bodywork.

  7. I personally thought this was the hottest bike at Indy. 110cc 2-stroke that I think already has performance kits available (that’s what the guy from Genuine told me anyway – this engine has been around for a while). I want to say the rear suspension was adjustable and rechargeable too.

  8. Good point on their tagline… They should’ve caught that one. At least they didn’t keep the original name (PMS). Pretty cool that it’s a 2-stroke though, most new 100+cc scoots are all 4 stroke. Only time and consumers will tell if it’s a good idea, until I see one I won’t know what side of the arguement I’ll be on. Good thing they should be showing up in June.

  9. I can’t believe my bacon story is about to get bumped off the page.

  10. I’ve heard stories of how fast and fun the Honda Areo 125 was. People loved the Dragster and Runner because they were auto 2strokes. Fast. Someone needs to ride one and report back. Will it be kitable?

  11. If things keep going this way, I might be the guinea pig on this one. Figure they’ll show up in about two months, take a look at ’em. If I like it I think I’ll just buy it. I only have another 60 days or so to make up my mind…

  12. I’m excited about this, and it’s a 2 stroke. I actually wonder if Genuine could make money selling 110cc 2 stroke engines to Buddy 50 owners wanting to “kit” their scoots. If you went to your dealer and asked to buy an engine, I bet he or she would get something ordered for you.

  13. I hope you were being sarcastic with the aero 125 comment. They just beat the aero 80 by under 10 mph. I have a motor (or two) and would love to make one fast but spare pistons are hard to come by. And the intake rots. Plus, no kick start. The holes could be put in but only the NZ and Japanese market NH125 had kickstarts I think. I’m rambling. I should write a new post…

  14. Just got word from Genuine, the early Rattlers they were sent seem to give you similar power to the buddy 125 but with more of a hit off the line because it’s a 2 stroke. Sounds good to me. They also expect to be shipping to dealers end of June to first week of July.

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