Vespa exhaust gasket recall?

Greek and German scooterists in the Modern Vespa forum have reported local rumors of a recall program for the Vespa GTS exhaust gasket “problem.” It’s unclear whether an official recall is underway, or if dealers in those countries are responding to concerns regarding “Technical Bulletin No 18/06” (September 18, 2006) and checking previously-serviced pipes. GTS riders have complained of gasket failure resulting in heat damage and potential dangerous situations. While Piaggio insists proper maintenance techniques will prevent failure, Modern Vespa readers have reported multiple failures, even on Vespas where the pipe had never been removed. Many modern Vespa riders have switched to third-party exhausts (apparently with problems of their own), while others are using and recommending aftermarket brass bushings.

Here’s Piaggio Technical Bulletin No 18/06, the offical document that Piaggio sent to Vespa dealers, outlining proper maintenance and replacement of the GTS exhaust gasket.

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  1. A letter has now gone out to Australian GTS/GT60 owners advising them to go see their dealer and get their exhaust leader pipe replaced.

    This will be free of charge and will take about 35 minutes.

    I received my letter today – from the importer (a division of Peter Stevens Motorcycles)

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