Maybe not-so-Genuine rumors…

Along with the promising Rattler (due this summer, see below), Genuine’s new site depicts a new Charcoal-and-Black Blur as seen at DealerExpo… but it features the orange-and-charcoal Blur’s 150cc engine, not the expected 200cc (an upgrade to the newer EVO 150cc would have also been a plus). The Blur 150 is still a great scooter (I’m still loving mine) and the paint scheme will likely sell better, but the 200 would have been pretty exciting. The Genuine rumor mill is running overtime at Modern Buddy, where one reader posted that a dealer told him a 40HP rotary-engine (?!) Geniune was in the works for this summer. I’ll believe that when I see it, maybe the dealer said four-TEEN and rotary-VALVE… (could it be a new Stella?) Also rumored (and counter-rumored) is a performace upgrade for the Buddy. While the Buddy 50 could use a boost, we agree with the Modern Buddy posters that feel the 125 would be a bit scary (frame-,suspension-, and brake-wise) with a bigger jug.

7 thoughts on “Maybe not-so-Genuine rumors…”

  1. That would be entirely too good to be true. However, if it is true and if it’s going into the Blur, I’m buying one.

  2. well, it probably won’t be a blurrr engine as it has that very unique suspension and no way in hell can you fit a bigger wheel in an ET frame without some major modifications. They have some 10 inch wheel motors that rock as is in the buddy 125. I’d even think about a pgo powered 124 et4(8). if it was buddy priced. wait…I could just buy a used et4…maybe not. now how about a 110 ET8 two stroke!

  3. If memory serves from crawling around under the Blur I reviewed, the engine is basically bolted onto a separate swing arm. This allows PGO to offer a variety of engines in the G-Max/Blur.

    A 110 cc 2 stroke powered ET8 would be pretty darn cool.

  4. Yes, with all that room under the bodywork of an ‘underbone’ style chassis in scooters like the blur one could cram a motor in and then use an independent swing arm. My biggest doubt would be translating a whole bunch of HP through a CVT designed for around 10 HP.

  5. Vespa would not let the ET8 in to the US via another vendor, No?

    That seems like a “telephone” version of the earlier Blur 200 rummor.

  6. The ‘allow’ LML to make and export the PX. But I don’t know what their relationship with the maker of the Taiwan ET series is.

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