Chicago Scooterist Roundtable TOMORROW

Here’s the final info for the Scooterist Roundtable tomorrow, sorry to post it so late. Please come if at all possible, we may not have as big a group as we hoped, but we have a good variety of quality people representing scooterdom, and we’re hoping this meeting will be the starting point for a great relationship with the city.


Meet at The Twisted Spoke (Ogden location) at noon to compare notes. If you plan to eat, come a bit earlier, we need to leave at 12:30 sharp to arrive at the meeting at ten to one (Dan Epstein is recording our arrival for his radio piece). This pre-meeting is optional, you’re welcome to proceed directly to the meeting, please for once, don’t run on “scooter time,” (he says, knowing he’ll be the late one).

The Roundtable

Meet a little before 1:00PM at the Chicago Center for Green Technology (45 North Sacramento). Dress respectfully, and try to bring a clean scooter, meeting participants will be welcomed to come out and have a look. There’s a parking lot, we’ll try to park together (orderly!) and lock up appropriately.

We’ll be meeting with our CDOT contact who arranged the meeting, Charles Roesner, and CDOT Deputy Commissioner of Project Development Luann Hamilton. Other CDOT representatives will also be present, as well as people from the Departments of the Environment (the “green” issue) and Revenue (who handle parking enforcement). The meeting will last about two hours. We’ll let the organizers direct the pace and content of the meeting, and there’s not a lot of time, but for reference, I’ve made a “wish list” of topics that we hope to discuss. See you tomorrow!

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  1. I hope you get a ton of people there and you kick some ass, leak some gas and make some change. Hopefully the DOT is as progressive as the City of Chicago and come up with a daring plan like allowing perpendicular parking.

  2. beeb did a bang up job of being the voice of reason and keeping everything on topic. good turnout (could have/should have been more!) and lots of hopefully good things happening for us chicago scooterists…

  3. I was ecstatic with the turnout, since the beginning, I’d been on the fence about whether it’d be better to hype the crap out of it and go for numbers, or handpick the people *I* wanted there. In the end, i did the former, but was lazy about it, which worked out perfectly, we had just the right number of people (more people would have been too many) and a very diverse and articulate group.

    As far as my role, I pretty much just showed up. My ‘list’ was based on everyone’s input from earlier meetings and online discussions. I forgot to look up the directions before coming to the spoke. I was late and missed lunch. I forgot everyone’s names. I put the wrong address above (and sent it to patrick.) So luckily, despite my ineptitude, it went well. I think everyone got a chance to be heard, it flowed fairly nicely, everyone knew what was realistic and what wasn’t, etc. If I looked like the “leader”, it was just because I told everyone about it, but Charles did all the work of organizing it. was a group effort and everyone contributed and it went really well, we make a good team. Thanks everybody!

    I’ll write up a summary over the weekend, and I have some suggestions how we can keep things moving on our end, attendees, please let me know if there’s anything I should include, everyone else, send your questions, we might actually have some answers for you.

  4. Beeb (if I can call you that),

    My name is Chris. I am Dawn Corleone’s brother. She mentioned to me today that you had a meeting with CDOT, et. al. I was, until recently, the Chief of Staff for a legislative consulting firm that represents the City down in Springfield, etc. If I can ever be of any help, please let me know. I know pretty much everyone in the Intergovernmental Affairs department at the City as well as people at CDOT and IDOT. I think I can help your organization with any matter that you feel is important. You can contact me at:


    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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