Here comes another wave of scooter “news.”

Vespa PR (literally). This is the genesis of all the news stories you’ll see over the next few weeks. It’s fun to watch. There’s nothing wrong with Piaggio and Cooper Katz taking advantage of a lazy media (and no one’s lazier than 2sb), that’s how things work in PR and advertising, but it’s always sort of a bummer to see Piaggio’s PR information rehashed — without fact-checking or additional research — as “news.”

4 thoughts on “Here comes another wave of scooter “news.””

  1. PR Newswire takes press releases and publishes them. I don’t consider anything on that site to be independent news.

    I like the CooperKatz people I met who handle Piaggio’s stuff.

  2. right, that’s what I’m saying, this is the genesis of the news, the next several weeks, you’ll see bits and pieces of this rehashed as news.

    Cooper Katz does a pretty good job getting Piaggio in the papers, but I was disappointed with how poorly the blogs were supported and how good marketing ideas like Vespetition don’t usually get past the conceptual stage. And the Piaggio/Vespa websites are boring and very rarely updated, that’s their best chance at creating some sort of scooter communiity and they’re just dull (the design is fine, I’m talking about content). I figure Piaggio and their budget is probably the weak link there, C-K seems to have good ideas that usually get abandoned by their client.

  3. Bryan, you’re not lazy, you’ve just figured out how to “work smarter, not harder!”

    You’re the only guy I know who reads the Hindustan Times and the Times of India on a regular basis.

  4. You’re correct. A lot of PR stuff from a lot of companies will end up as “news” in a variety of places. That’s why I’m pretty cautious about taking news from any source as gospel truth.

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