Vespa “Transformers” open house

Vespa’s planning a dealer Open House June 14-24, 2007, featuring a “Transformers” cross-promotion. Something about “Transforming Transportation”? Yeah, we’re not really getting the connection either. That said, I guess Spiderman and 7-Eleven don’t have anything to do with each other, but that hasn’t stopped us from drinking a schload of Spiderman Slurpees.

3 thoughts on “Vespa “Transformers” open house”

  1. Piaggio USA has been running ads for the national open house in Cycle World for two months now, but with typical Piaggio effiency it has not put anything on the web site until a week or so ago. Surely it is not coincidental that it coincides with World Vespa Days. But it is only another example of how little imagination both Piaggio USA and KooperKatz have. There are huge possibilities for a national and international event like this if Piaggo had the sense to connect with national and local clubs and scenes. The low cost public relations possibilities are endless: vintage scooter displays, scooter film nights, group rides, a scoot to work week or a national scooter week, Italian festivals, and so forth. Why are these guys so dense? Any other scooter manufacturers would give their eye teeth to have these kinds of possibilities for free possibilities.

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