Can an Adly pull a pop-up camper?


If the Lambretta tent video we posted a few months ago was inspiring, but a tent just isn’t “all-mod-cons” enough for you, check out this video from the same source (Britsh Pathe Archives): a Lambretta towing a pop-up camper. I can’t imagine that it was wise to load a 150 or 175cc engine, even when factory-fresh, with a pop-up camper AND a boat AND gear AND a pillion passenger AND a sidecar with a child. (Thanks, Dan Epstein, who sent this so long ago he surely forgot about it.)

One thought on “Can an Adly pull a pop-up camper?”

  1. They didn’t intend to stay that close to the water, but after applying the brakes 1/4 mile from the seaside, that’s where they finally came to a stop.

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