6 thoughts on “Beatles Scarabeo?”

  1. Took me a while to get it: Scarab = beetle. Those crafty Eye-ties.

    So you think the C3 is kinky, B? Interesting.

  2. Does everyone remember the failed Spice Girls-themed Aprilia?

  3. I see the C3 as more of a Queen theme, since it’s original name is the Vox and Brian May is known for his signature “Vox sound”.

  4. Just about every British Invasion band used Vox amps, too, though. This is way too much fun to think about. i’m seeing the Genuine Rattler “Strutter” special edition with Kiss’ faces stencilled on it, and the Belle and Sebastian limited edition plaid Vino, and the “This is Why I’m Hot” Gold metalflake Mims Signature Yamaha Morphous and a Pipettes polka-dotted Piaggio Fly…

  5. The Blur-edition Blur? Can’t forget that. The fave ride of Girls and Boys following the herd … down to Greece. On holiday.

    Who used Hi-Watt mostly, at least during theyr heyday as the loudest band on Earth–they even name checked the amps and cabinets in “Long Live Rock.” And Bono’s original nom de crap was Bono Vox, so I gotcher your tie-in potential right there. (Grabs crotch)

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