Lesley, one of the “new chicks” over at Girlbike, had some ant problems with her Honda Metropolitan last week. This weekend she went to give the Metro a bath and realized the ant situation was far worse than she could have guessed. I have a giant yellowjacket nest in my garage, and I was thinking of writing some sort of Steve-Williams-esque blog entry about the Vespas and the Vespula Vulgari, but after reading that, I think those f**kers are getting hosed down with Black Flag as soon as I get home.

2 thoughts on “Ants”

  1. For the Wasp Nests, save the black flag. Make a bucket of hot water with laundry detergent or dishwashing liquid. Make sure it’s sudsy. Throw the hot water with suds on the nest, take the nest down and you’re done. Then you can spray the area where the nest is with black flag.


  2. Make a bucket of hot water with soap suds from Laundry or dishwashing detergent. Throw the hot water onto the nest, then remove the nest from the area. Good luck.


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