Chicago rides: Scooterworks and weiners

Isn’t today the first day of summer? That’s not stopping Scooterworks, whose Spring Ride starts at the shop at 9:30 on Saturday. Their new catalog is in the mail, and I’ve heard good and bad things, hopefully I’ll get it today.

Also on Saturday if you’re into cased meats, The Hell’s Fairies are hosting their June Weiner Ride. It starts at 4pm, not far from where the Scooterworks ride ends, so you could pretty easily do both. 2sb can’t make either ride, but if we had to choose one, I think we all know which we’d choose.

6 thoughts on “Chicago rides: Scooterworks and weiners”

  1. We got our scooterworks catalog today (only one copy though which is odd since we usually get at least three copies of all their other mailers!)

  2. They surely ‘merged and purged” their mailing list database to save money on the big mailing. It’s so exciting to get a catalog you care about for once, instead of six hundred pottery barn and restoration hardware catalogs a month. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a Pottery Barn, though I do love white wicker chairs with chickory throw pillows.

  3. Got mine. I read and reread the one from 2006 (still have it laying around for when I am bored). This last one, unfortunately, is not quite as magical as 2006.

    See you at Amerivespa,

  4. 2sb can’t make either ride? Is that like referring to yourself in the 3rd person? I hope I get the magalog.

  5. Um. I before E, except after C or in words with an eigh, such as neighbor and weigh.

    My super power is being an annoying spellchecker.

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