Ryan rides the Adly Lambretta

Ryan The Rhino, (who I don’t know, but he shares my birthday, likes TSOL, and knows Orin, so he’s probably OK, ha) got a chance to test ride the new Adly Lambretta (I still can’t bring myself to call it a “Lambretta” without qualification). Here are his comments from the original post (punctuation edited):

OK, I finally got to test ride [the Lambretta Due 150] last week after some scheduling (and laziness on my part) and I have to say that I really liked it.

The seat height is a lot taller than any of my scooters, and that took a little bit to get used to, but since it is taller you can lean a lot farther into turns without dragging the kick stand (which i do a lot on my scooters) and i did not get too crazy because it only had 21 miles on it when i started. (got it to 50 on a side street behind the new Lambretta office)… I did notice a lot more power than I expected (its a GY6 with a 4 valve head)

I don’t have any complaints (well, the kilometers are the primary numbers on the speedo but that is not that big of a deal…). The paint looks fantastic (I rode a red one) and I like the fact they did not go overboard with stripes or lettering, just one simple “Lambretta� on it they did spend a few extra bucks for some upgrades (michelin tires, improved battery, upgrated wheels, better-quality paint, etc). The underseat storage would not quite fit my helmet but I have a big melon and wore my huge helmet (it does not fit any scooter i have been on).

I did not test drive the 50 because, well, its a 50 (just a personal thing)… but the one with the funny front end looks pretty cool i have to say

As for the price, that was the deciding factor for me, $2699 for the 150 (and I think about two grand for the 50). So the price is great, the scooter rides great, it looks great… So i have no complaints.

Now Ryan may be on Khurana payroll, or he may be insane, but the scariest part is that he may be right. What if it’s a reasonably-decent-quality Taiwanese scooter upgraded and rebadged for the US market a la Genuine’s PGO models? What if it’s very competitively priced vs. comparable but less-distinctive scooters? I have to admit I’m amazed they haven’t doubled the price to accomodate the Lambretta name. This still says nothing about the Khuranas’ (and Adly’s) dealer support (that’s definitely a wait-and-see, though they seem to do well in other markets) and it still, to a small but vocal army of Lambretta loyalists, is really going to hurt to see the Lambretta name on Adly scooters. But maybe that doesn’t matter to the people who are selling and buying them. I’m at a loss for words, maybe seeing one in person at Amerivespa (and hopefully meeting Ryan and Orin) will enlighten me.

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  1. Wow taller seat height = less dragging the kick stand. I’m guessing on the payroll…

  2. I can guarantee that i am not on the payroll (they can’t afford me)…and the reason I was asked to take a test ride is because Caroline knows I won’t pull any punches…if I don’t like something…I will let someone know…for good or bad.

    I met them when I bought a bajaj a few years ago…and parts after an unfortunate incident involving a telephone pole.

    If I did not like it, I would say so…but I think this scooter could keep up with my every day riding…to the point that I have not fired up my car in nearly 12 months (yes…i rode all winter long, except for 3 days where the ice was too bad)…and I ride HARD (my bajaj could not keep up with it…still need to fix it).

    as for it having a taller seat and no scraping of the kickstand…how do you think i tested it? ;)

    Like I said before…I did not get too crazy with it (it had about 21 miles on it)…Fresh Tires…slight rain…and oh yea…it was not mine (can’t quite swing buying one if i broke it just yet)

    I am sure my opinion does not matter to those who are dead set against it…but I was just throwing in my 2 cents…for good or bad.

    I will be at Amerivespa…on a bright shiny neon green vento (the only thing I have running right now)

  3. as for being insane…my shrink said I was ok for now

  4. Thanks for the review, and let’s keep an eye out for each other at Amerivespa, I owe you a drink (among many other people.)

  5. hey! you order me a drink too!

    Okay maybe not, but I’d like to meet you anyway. Hell, I’ll buy you a drink.

    seriously, hope I see you there Bryan.

    slugrockets sc
    (stupid enough to be riding to Amerivespa)

  6. Again, I have to ask why even call it a Lambretta? The purists won’t be interested, the punters are just looking for high mpg and something that will keep running for a couple of years (or until they get bored with it). It sounds vaguely Italian, yes, but they could name it after some kind of pasta or coffee without the emotional baggage…


    See you at Amerivespa, Brian!

  7. Hey Ryan, what’s your benchmark for your opinion that it “looks great”? Other plastic scooters that look exactly like it? They didn’t even try to get it right.

  8. my benchmark is my personal opinion…what can I say? I liked it.

    Do I think a vintage vespa looks better? of course…do I think a vintage Lambretta looks better? ummm…i liked the ones from the early 50’s…

    It is all about personal opinion…everyone can’t like the same thing.

  9. The Lambretta(Adly) Uno looks a helluva lot like the TGB Laser R9.

    Not exactly, but close.

  10. I must start by saying I am not a scooter historian and don’t have a dog in the “Is it a Lambretta or an Adly” fight. What I am is a stingy well informed buyer. I researched over 15 125-150cc scooters for over 6 months before I bought one and I ended up with the Lambretta UNO 150. I saw an Adly and I saw a Lambretta side by side. The body of these two scooters is the same but I don’t see much beyond that. The tires and rims are better, the paint job is better and last time I looked 125 and 150 were not the same size engines. The Adly advertises a 125cc engine and the Lambretta is a 150cc. I don’t know if they are made by the same company or not but I think the Adly and the Lambretta are far from being the same.

    I have ridden the Lambretta for a little over 2 months now. Before I bought it I borrowed a Vespa 150LX for a few weeks so I could have a baseline to compare to. I am not a fan of the vintage scooter look so the Vespa never drew me, although it would have taken a lot of looks to get me past the Vespa price. I ride 18 miles one way to work and back every day on the Lambretta. It has quick acceleration, averages 72-78 mpg and I can get it up to 60 easy. Since it is new I have not really pushed it much beyond 80-90% throttle. I never achieved better than 60 mpg on the Vespa. It is definitely lighter than the Vespa 150 which may be why the Vespa fuel economy is worse and I can feel the wind blowing me around more on the Lambretta over 50 mph. The Lambretta seat is more comfortable although the suspension on both of these scooters sucks. I think I am shorter already after having my spine jammed by the seat a dozen times a day on each. The Vespa 150LX had much better glove box storage but the helmet storage is equal.

    The big selling points for me pushing me to the Lambretta were the price, the fuel economy, local dealer with a good reputation selling multiple brands and performing repairs and the two year warranty. Down side is poor glove box storage, light weight (good for fuel economy though), small fuel tank, rough ride and the metric odometer and speedometer.

    Bottom line, as a Lambretta owner without a care in the world what the name on the scooter is, the Lambretta is a good scooter (so far) and I won’t hesitate to use the warranty over the next two years and then trash it if its not.

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