Ride To Work tomorrow

Tomorrow is Ride To Work Day. Don’t mind if I do.

Sorry about the lull. I’ve been on vacation, and to Amerivespa, and oh do I have some good stuff coming up. Lots of big news on several fronts last week, we’ll try to make a dent in it tonight. You weren’t looking at all those other scooter sites, were you?

4 thoughts on “Ride To Work tomorrow”

  1. Of course we had to have some scooter stuff to read about when we weren’t riding!

  2. Man, I’m grading at home on Wednesday. Maybe I’ll just do a loop around the neighborhood before I start.

  3. Hehe. You know what they say. When the cats away, the mice will…
    start reading other peoples blogs. The unfaithful lot!

    Good ta have ya back! Can’t wait to see what you dug up.

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