Almost slipping past our notice at the bottom of the Vespa S press release, Piaggio has announced a new international online store, At a glance, items that are hard/impossible to find in the U.S., (their “Club” jacket, and most of their helmets, for instance) aren’t available online, either. The “accessories” listed are accessories for you, not your scooter, but there is a decent selection of gifts we’ve not seen anywhere else (the cute but expensive handlebar-grip LED flashlight?). Surely this endeavor was a tightrope walk to avoid cutting into boutique sales at dealers, but even dealers have a hard time procuring some items, it’d be nice to see more available online.

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  1. I love the littel apple patches. The question is: can we really buy this stuff? Or are they just taunting us with euro-only goodies?

    Of course, with the dollar in the toilet can Americans afford a $52 t-shirt?

    I’m going to bite and buy something, I’ll let you know how painful if it’s painful!

  2. Okay, I just attempted to buy something and neither USA or Canada are options on the pulldown menu for country. hmm, maybe they are just taunting us. I have sent an email to, let’s see if they reply.

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