Bajaj to close main Pune plant?

Facing a 15% drop in first-quarter two-wheeler sales after a major demerger and a very public emphasis on the budget automotive market (possibly with Renault), Bajaj Auto announced Thursday that production of their only current scooter model, the Crystal, would move from Bajaj’s main Akurdi plant in Pune to a three-wheeler plant in Waluj. 2SB reader/Bajaj fan Dave McCabe suggests this move is similar to Ford announcing they’re no longer making cars in Flint, MI. (Or Piaggio moving Vespa production out of Pontedera). The work week has been cut to four days in Akurdi, and union leaders and workers fear more layoffs or even the possibility of the historic Akurdi plant closing permanently. Despite several revamped motorcycles and talk of an electric bike, scooters don’t seem to be a priority at Bajaj these days.

3 thoughts on “Bajaj to close main Pune plant?”

  1. Not to be picky, but Ford never built cars in Flint, Mich. That was Buick. That plant did eventually close…

  2. I thought about looking that up, and then thought “Nah, McCabe knows what he’s talking about.” Though I paraphrased him from memory, and he probably said GM rather than Ford.

  3. Wow, here’s a hint: re-start a low-volume metal bodied scooter line (you’ve already got the pressing & technology) and find distributors in the USA, Canada, Most of Europe, Australia….oh, anywhere that LML is trying desperately to send the NV and beat them to the punch….

    I’m just sayin.

    That, and someone needs to pick up the motorcycle line for USA import. Argo, you listening?


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