Merciless Tigers 2sb jersey preorder

Merciless Tigers Jersey

2strokebuzz is proud to announce our sponsorship of the 2007-08 Merciless Tigers Football Club. The Tigers are the 2strokebuzz of Cincinnati rec-league soccer; they’re getting kinda old and they play a little sloppy, but they’re proud, entertaining and fun to drink with. We’ll feature Tigers news, profiles, match reports, and maybe come up with a few terrace chants, and in turn, they’ll advertise 2strokebuzz to the world, or at least anyone in a public park in the Cincinnati suburbs at 9am Saturdays.

What this means for you is that you can finally buy a 2sb soccer jersey and help not only your favorite scooter site, but also your new favorite amateur football team. We’ve ordered only 50 jerseys, the team will have first dibs, leaving the rest up for sale here. The jerseys are black hi-tech synthetic colorfast fabric with silver trim at the neck and a breathable mesh section under the arms and down the sides. They feature an embroidered Merciless Tigers patch (featuring the Tigers’ mascot “Tuff Gnarl”) on the left chest, the 2strokebuzz logo silkscreened in white on the center, and the number printed in white on the back.

The jerseys will be delivered in mid-September, but we’re offering them for presale now at an earlybird price. For a mere $38, you can be among the first (and very few) to own this fashionable piece of scootering, soccer, and drinking history. We can’t promise any specific numbers (and single-digits are traditionally worn by the team) but we’ll try to accommodate your request. The preorder deadline is September 12, two weeks from today, then the price goes up-up-up. Preorders also get an extra “Tuff Gnarl” patch for your shorts, jacket, or sweatshirt. Order 2 or more jerseys and get free shipping. Remember, only 50 are being made, so only 25-30 jerseys are available to 2sb readers.

SHIRTS ARE SOLD OUT, thanks for your support!
Meet the team!

Thanks for your support!

7 thoughts on “Merciless Tigers 2sb jersey preorder”

  1. To be a little more clear about the sizes/numbers:

    The shirts are numbered from 2-51 (goalie is always 1). I requested they start the numbering with XLs, and I ordered mostly XLs, so (allegedly):

    the XLs should be numbered from 2-37
    the Ls should be numbered from 38-47
    the Ms should be numbered from 48-51

    The team picks numbers first, they’ll take 20 shirts or so, and in soccer, low numbers are usually assigned to the starters by position. So it’s unlikely (but possible) there’d be any single digits left. Then after they pick, I’ll look at requests in order of when the order came in and try to accommodate them, first come first served. If you ask for the lowest number available, you’ll get it, even if someone else asked for thatnumber specifically but ordered later.

    Also, they’re “athletic fit” which usually means they run a little small, if you’re on the edge, you’ll probably want to move up a size. I hate when people don’t make XXL shirts, but sadly they just weren’t available. Fatties, keep an eye out for the new 2sb t-shirts coming this fall.

  2. Finally, I’ll have something on which to sew my collection of esoteric european snack food patches.

  3. Thanks so much to everyone, preorders have already exceeded expectations, and M is already sold out. May I remind you these run smallish? who wears an “M?”

  4. I’m kinda disappointed as I’d wear an M. Shows off the boobs better. That jersey’s still badass. Can we wear them as our uniforms during the next galewood kickball tournament?

    Kathy “The Golden Foot” Anderson
    (Since #69 isn’t available, I don’t care what number I am)

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