Merciless Tigers

Merciless Tigers FC

At last, meet your amateur rec-league soccer team, The Merciless Tigers FC of Cincinnati, OH, pictured above in their “indoor” configuration. Snafus with two outdoor leagues have left them stuck indoors for the time being, though there’s still hope they might lace up their cleats this season. A co-ed indoor team is also in the works. In the meantime, they’re holding down third place (of 9 teams) in the Blue Division of the indoor league, after a 7-5 win Monday night (a double-brace for Pat and a hat trick for Steve H.). Allez les tigres sans pitié!

4 thoughts on “Merciless Tigers”

  1. Wait, I thought the MTs were the team that Beckham was going to play for?

  2. If I can get that pic signed by the team, I will frame it and put it in my pub.

  3. How about everyone send in a picture of themselves wearing their 2SB-MT jerseys. Bryan can start a gallery. Then we can start a google map with all the 2SB readers locations noted…

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