TGB Xmotion

TGB’s newly-announced Xmotion is a pretty handsome scooter, a cross between the very similar-looking Yamaha T-Max and the sportier Peugeot Jetforce (or PGO G-Max/Genuine Blur). Check out the trick front suspension. It’s due out in Europe next year. TGB has a reasonably good reputation here in the U.S., but their current lineup isn’t very exciting, could this be the bike to set them apart?

4 thoughts on “TGB Xmotion”

  1. The leading link forks are nice. The Peugeot speedfight has it as well as many older honda models and the Kinetic scooters. This just looks like an extra beefy version. Several tries at using the leading link with center hub steering can be seen on Italjets and old ELF-Honda MotoGP machines. Never quite made the difference people hoped with isolating steering angle changes from braking. But this simple leading link design is just mostly anti-dive. At slow speeds the shocks will likely actually decompress and raise up the front while tapping the brakes coming to a stop. I’m a big fan of the leading link but the Xmotion looks like too much. The Speedfight forks (and others) went single sided to lower weight. This just looks like they didn’t spare a gram of metal making it a big forward facing swing arm.

  2. I have a TGB laser R9 150cc with 1500 miles and never had a problem.
    It always start at the first attempt, doesn`t make any funny noise, no strange vibrations….one problem that my scooter does not have is reliability.
    This company offers 2 years full warranty and 2 years roadside assistance, don`t you think they have quality control under “control”!
    As soon as their design will be a bit more sophisticated, like the Xmotion, trust me they will be a brand that matters because they have all the numbers: good price, good quality, good reliability..and now a pretty good looking scooter!!

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