Pork, Cheese, and a Nice Rack

Three great events this weekend, two in the outskirts of Chicago and another that’s definitely worth a road trip:

Saturday, check out the Hunnert Car Pileup at the Grundy County Fairgrounds near Morris, IL. It’s one of the greatest car shows in America, with strict rules allowing only pre-64 “traditional” hot-rods. Vintage scooters are also welcome, but even if you can’t exhibit, it’s always something to see with 1000 custom hot-rods, burnout contests, rockabilly bands, and great vendors including Grace and her Galewood Cookshack, serving up incredible pork chili (green or red.)

Also on a Saturday but last Saturday (I’m a moron), so you’ll need a time machine to go, was Pride of Cleveland Scooters’ legendary “Nice Rack” swap meet. To wit:


Look at all that. You want(ed) that. And that'(wa)s just the beginning. Look at the other photos on the link above, and consider that many other collectors and vendors will be (were) there, and there will be (was) a ride through Cleveland’s awesome Metroparks, and… well, drooool. Too bad I didn’t tell you about it in time.

rustic-patch.jpgOn Sunday, the Magnificent Seven, Chicago’s newest club, is doing another epic ride, this time they’re riding 225 miles through rural Wisconsin to earn the Rustic Trails award. Their grammar and punctuation ain’t so good and they tend to run on, so I’ll just (click-click) link to the ride info. There. I think the departure time changed to 7:30am, so check the next few posts to see if there are any changes. They sent me something about it, but I have more email accounts and Yahoogroup memberships than I know what to do with, and they keep changing it, so they can let us know what’s going on in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Pork, Cheese, and a Nice Rack”

  1. The Rustic Roads Ride is leaving at 7:30am, and we are going to stop elsewhere to eat once we get out of Cook County. We’re still meeting at the Blue Angel. All are welcome. It’s gonna be cool/cold, so dress appropriately. And bring appropriate spares/cables/tools as well.

    So far we’ve got six people planning on going – who’s gonna join us?

    And are you really surprised Patrick is halfway illiterate? Don’t tar us all with that brush.

  2. Next time I’m thumb typing from my crackberry I will be much more careful with my grammar.

    Can you really use the word”aint” when describing others lack of proficiency of English?


  3. OK, I’m an idiot on about six counts. I’ve had Nice Rack on my calendar for like six months, I musta had it wrong all along.

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