Ringway to Wintec

Metzeler unveils their new Feelfree Wintec scooter tires for scooters with a press junket, including a test ride starting in Copenhagen, over the Malmo bridge, and through through the countryside to the Knutstorp race track. I’ve been writing about scooters for over ten years. Would it kill manufacturers to just once invite me to Copenhagen, or fly me to India or give me an Fuoco for a month, or something? Other than (an awful lot of) free booze from Corazzo, and some books from Veloce Publishing, I’m just not feeling the love here.

3 thoughts on “Ringway to Wintec”

  1. I’m sure it would be nice to be invited to such a junket but the tires seem to be only in 14 and 15 inch sizes (I wonder why tires are still in inches). So maybe you should start writing about more scooters with those specs. Cuz it sure as hell won’t be me…

  2. Old Bb (pre-Blur) would never done an article on on 14-15 inch tires. What happened to you man?

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