Suzuki Gemma 250 concept

The phallic Japanese concept maxiscooters just keep on coming, no pun intended. Suzuki’s Gemma 250 debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show this week. If I were the Scooter Scoop, I would probably further push my luck with some sort of Gemma Ward joke, but she’s not my type, and she was born the year I graduated from high school. (Update: Steve posted this story within seconds of 2sb, but didn’t make any supermodel jokes, heh.)

2 thoughts on “Suzuki Gemma 250 concept”

  1. Hey Illnoise!
    I dig Aussies, but Mrs. Ward just doesn’t… put my… shrimp on the barbi? (note to self… “must come up with better suggestive comments for Aussies”).

    So how do YOU really feel about this one B? Feelin’ it? Not feelin’ it?
    When I first saw it, I thought “Albino Rollie Pollie”, but after I saw the promo video footage I started to get a little tingly. Especially with that big gaping storage bin in front of the driver’s seat.

  2. Maxis aren’t really my thing, but it’s a 250 so it’s not even really a maxiscooter, it seems like it’s too big for its engine. It looks allright, not as silly as the morphous and not as boring as some other offerings. I guess it’s the modern Heinkel Tourist, or even the modern Gogomobil.

    I don’t like the trend of 250s getting so big, I’d prefer a sportier, lighter 250. One of the things I hate about motorcycles is that you’re stuck choosing between sportbikes and cruisers with not much in between, and luckily scooters offer a much bigger variety of styles, but I bet over time, we’ll see the same thing happen, barcaloungers vs. sport scooters with not much in between.

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