Asian rip off scooter t-shirts

Some dude is knocking off those West Coast Scooters, AC/DC Vespa and Harley Vespa t-shirts. I’m not sure who printed them originally, a Google search for “West Coast Scooters” brings up ten Chinese-scooter-drop-shippers with that name and a CafePress shop that’s also knocking them off. Anyway, it looks like “RetroJungle” was selling them on eBay but there are no current auctions listed. A few months ago, someone was even selling knockoff Shepard Fairey Amerivespa 2005 T-shirts (redesigned to say “2007,” so I guess it’s a trend and we’ll be seeing poorly-made knockoff Merciless Tigers/2strokebuzz soccer jerseys any day now. While we’re on the subject, a guy in Kansas City is doing some “Skoot and Destroy” stuff, he didn’t know we’d already done it, or that Thrasher made us throw away most of the patches we made. I told him I didn’t care, as long as he made it clear it wasn’t coming from 2strokebuzz.

4 thoughts on “Asian rip off scooter t-shirts”

  1. Can you actually rip off a rip-off? Seems Harley et al. are the only ones being ripped off.

  2. Btw is West Coast that Jesse James guy? So a rip off of an annoying poser’s t-shirt?

  3. The Harley Vespa tshirts were originally done by Vespa Utah and they hold the rights to that, iirc. From what I remember them telling me, it’s legal to be similar but not the same. Supposedly they changed enough details for it to pass their lawyer’s approval.

  4. First of all I would like to say hello and give you my warm kudos to your website, site that was indicate to me by a friend that is very interested in your job.

    I have to say that I had been very disappointed to read in the article concerning the asian rip offs references about my flickr and myspace pages.

    I’d like to specify that I’m not from Asia, I’m Italian, I’m from Roma, I’m 32 years old and I’m a scooterist. I’ve been very fond of vespas and lambrettas since always!!

    I have a very small independent business and if some of my t-shirt are somehow similar to shirts of American Scooter club is only by coincidence, I apologize with them for the misunderstanding but I’d like to point out that I only print small amounts of shirts every time.. by the way the quality of my items satisfy USA standards, plastisol ink on Fruit of the loom.

    I invite everyone to visit my pages with more care and to verify that my T-shirts are not trivial rip-offs but original drawing

    all the best,

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