“La Lambretta Cinese”

Motoblog is calling this thing the “chinese Lambretta.” I can’t read italian, so I’m not sure if it was meant as a joke. Aside from there already being a (at-least-half-)chinese Lambretta, they can call it whatever they want, it’ll always be a Zhejiang Zhongneng Gas Scooter ZN151T-F to me. It’s not the most hideous-looking thing out there (once you strip off the corkboard paint job), and it might even look more like a Lambretta than the rebadged Adlys, but I’m not buying one.

3 thoughts on ““La Lambretta Cinese””

  1. it’s true..you can find this rubbish in some supermarket located in italy.
    …i’m disgusted…

  2. via Dictonary.com’s Italian-to-English translator:

    “Pato is called, like the young player of the Milan and like “gosling” in Spanish, the Lambretta of futuro. Motom Italy S.p.a. and its President, the lawyer Nicholas Gurrado, have introduced today the new model explaining that from today the Lambretta calls Pato, a “risen Gosling” from waters of the Lambro, river that gave origin to the name of scooter. Motom Italy Spa, licenziataria (licensee?) of the Lambretta brand, have introduced the new scooter characterized by classic lines inspired to one of greatest myths (maybe “legends”?) of the motorization of massa (masses?). Il or the Pato will come constructed in China and not on the rivers of the Lambro river in a pair of versions: 125N and 151, both obviously four times.”

    This thing looks like it uses the body knocked off from the Aprilia Mojito by at least one other Chinese scooter company. It’s the part about the company being the licensee of the Lambretta brand that’s most interesting here. Maybe just in Europe? The rationale for calling an Adly a “Lambretta” is to appeal to an Asian market that’s ga-ga for European brands, or at least that’s what someone told me, and that sounds most logical…

  3. That thing is *so* not a Lambretta, even in the way that the modern Vespas are Vespas. But if you put a trashy Italian model on it, then maybe it’ll sell anyway.

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