Fall Riding Hazards from Girlbike

Crystal on fall riding hazards. Great stuff. I’ll add two more that are especially bad this week:

  1. Kids throwing eggs/rocks/offal at you because they’re hopped up on Clark bars
  2. For all you Westsiders, the freaking sun is directly in your face during both commutes.

Happy Halloween!

2 thoughts on “Fall Riding Hazards from Girlbike”

  1. How about deer?! I saw a couple in the prairie preserve (Naperville) on the way to work this morning.

    I did have a BLAST riding my newly acquired P200E this morning!

    Steve B.
    Aurora, IL

  2. Don’t forget all the smashed pumpkins laying in the street. I saw some big gooey chunks this morning in the street that would be no fun to go up against.

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