Triumph Rocket III

I’ve been drooling over Triumph motorcycles since they were reintroduced several years back, but the new Rocket III behemoth was of little interest to me until I learned how they’re made. Very funny. (thanks for the link, Kathy the Great!)

2 thoughts on “Triumph Rocket III”

  1. That’s Awesome!
    I just started working at a Vespa/MotoGuzzi/Triumph dealer, and have been scratching my head over the Rocket III since I started. It’s impressive from an engineering point of view… but as a scooterist it just seems like a ridiculous machine. I mean who needs a 2300cc bike?
    Did Triumph produce this vid? It would be genius if they did such an over-the-top ridiculous promo for such an over-the-top ridiculous bike.

  2. It seems like it was made by Triumph, I’m assuming all those interior shots were actually their factory.

    2300cc is enough to make me hate it, but I really dislike the looks of it, too, it looks like a Japanese metric cruiser or a Water Buffalo. Nothing about the design makes me think “Triumph,” even their sportbikes seem to evoke Triumph’s tradition in some way, but this one doesn’t.

    Speaking of motorcycles, a friend of mine just picked up a Kawasaki Versys and I’m a little jealous.

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