Lamponi Scooter Lamps (new site)

Those scooter-headset lamps that we posted about last year have been turning up on other scooter and gadget sites ever since. Designer Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi has a new well-designed site with more photos. The site is written in English and includes information about ordering the lamps, though they’re surely pretty expensive, and chances are, if you’re a 2SB reader, you a) can’t afford one, and b) have everything you need in your garage to build your own. Also keep in mind that scooter headsets make great wall sconces.

2 thoughts on “Lamponi Scooter Lamps (new site)”

  1. Watch out for the Lambretta lawyers! Scooter Swag got a nasty gram from Lambretta for linking to these lamps. Of course, I’m not saying you should be scared of them because they are clearly to stupid to tell the difference between a manufacturer/retailer and a blogger writing about a product!

  2. Wow. So the idiots in Italy selling $600 Chinese scooters and calling them Lambrettas is no problem, but a dude making six art-lamps a year out of actual restored Lambretta parts is a threat to the Lambretta name? I’m guessing those are Lambretta Clothing lawyers. Some day a real rain wil come…

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