2007-08 Cold Weather Challenge

It was just brought to my attention I never posted the Cold Weather Challenge info, oops!

Ryan, who’s run the CWC for the past few years, just tied the knot and decided to take a break this year, so the Cold Weather Challenge is being run by his autonomous cyberspace doppelganger “The Real Rye”. Here are the rules in detail. In short, the CWC starts December 1 and runs through the end of February. If you ride more than ten miles in ridiculously cold weather, email the CWC or post your info at The Real Rye’s Myspace page. It’s all informal and on the honor system, so give it a go and we’ll see if someone outside Minnesota can win it this year.

4 thoughts on “2007-08 Cold Weather Challenge”

  1. Yeah, I dunno what happened with that… To be clear, it wasn’t Ryan (or 2strokebuzz) running it, I’m actually not even entirely sure who it was, so if they took the myspace page down, I’d take that to mean that the contest was abandoned after all. Sorry.

  2. What is the correct scooter etiquette for picking a sponsor/coordinator for 2008/2009. Should Ryan (or 2strokebuzz) select his next doppelganger?

    Kinda funny to think about it since it was close to 100 degrees this week in Connecticut.

  3. Ryan might have the time to do it this year. I hosted it here one year, and post about it occasionally, but it’s his baby, I don’t really have anything to do with it.

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