4 thoughts on “Gruesome Vespa photo alert”

  1. Crystal emailed me confused why I’d recoil in horror from a photo of an orange scooter, then praise rumors of an orange Vespa S.

    It’s not the scooter, Crystal, it’s the toothy mutant/bad tipper and the woman who singlehandedly ruined the eighties by ryhming “conga” with “longer.”

  2. Andy Warhol said one day, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes; Rachael Ray has shown that everyone will have a syndicated daytime talk show…

  3. Interestingly divergent points of view expressed on 2sb and scootin’ old skool concerning a single scooter-related photo. Wow! Thank Goodness for blog links!

  4. Those rough riders definitely fit the “rode hard and put up wet” bill. Sorry, sorry I forgot it was for charity.

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