Stella: back on the showroom floor at last

Stephen Heller of Scooterville MN commented on our Open House post to let us know that Stellas have arrived (and posted some photos of the uncrating):

It was pretty good timing as we got 15 Stellas in today. The green and the blue look great, actually the paint on all of the new Stellas is really nice. The switch didn’t change as in the photos that have been shown before. The HT Coil isn’t bolted onto the frame anymore, it is more like the PX150s. That also means that that the wires don’t make the 180 degree turn when coming out of the junction box.

Great news! This time last year, there was only faint hope for LML’s return. If Scooterville’s got ’em, that likely means other top Genuine dealers will soon be getting their allotment of 15, if they don’t have them already. The next, larger, batch is expected in May.

One thought on “Stella: back on the showroom floor at last”

  1. I can confirm everything that Stephen said. Just got back from the open house. Fun afternoon and good turnout. I think all 15 are sold. Ed’s GB150 #1 is for sale though, 5K. The paint does look very good.

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