Scooterville MN Cabin Fever

Speaking of shops, one of our favorites, Scooterville MN, has just moved to a new location, and they’re having an Open House tomorrow and Saturday. I love how Bob is so painfully honest that he’s actually up-front about his motives and inspiration for the event. Classic.

One thought on “Scooterville MN Cabin Fever”

  1. It was pretty good timing as we got 15 Stellas in today. The green and the blue look great, actually the paint on all of the new Stellas is really nice. The switch didn’t change as in the photos that have been shown before. The HT Coil isn’t bolted onto the frame anymore, it is more like the PX150s. That also means that that the wires don’t make the 180 degree turn when coming out of the junction box.

    I’ve up loaded some photos from the first day of the “rally” with the un-boxing of the new Stellas here:

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