“SK by Shark” helmets

Check out these groovy new helmet graphics from Shark’s “SK” line. Helmet graphics are (generally) embarrassingly dated and lame (Can you believe Troy Lee is still popular in this day and age?), so it’s nice to see someone applying a trendier look. These two casques are reminiscent of skateboard graphics, which is definitely an improvement over the usual “look” of helmets. Obviously, the market for such helmets has grown with the scooter explosion, where riders tend to be a good bit trendier than the sportbike/harley crowd, but it’d be nice to see this design trend escape from the super-expensive ‘designer’ half-helmet world onto some affordable full-face helmets. There’s so much competition in the market, any of the several well-known-but-indistinguishable mid-range helmet makers could easily set themselves apart by stealing a couple designers from the skateboard/snowboard industry and ditching the ridiculous practice of charging an extra $150 for a helmet with graphics.