Adiva 250cc convertible launches in Japan

Remember the Adiva? The Adiva convertible scooter that Benelli’s old importer displayed at trade shows a few years ago has turned up in Japan, produced by a different company. While checking out the new “Andretti” Benellis (more on that soon), We asked U.S. importer Steve Rubakh about the Adiva, he said Benelli’s parent company Qianjiang sold the rights to the model and abandoned it because of safety problems. With the BMW C1 and the Diamo Velux also resigned to history, was the convertible scooter ahead of its time, or just a bad idea?

2 thoughts on “Adiva 250cc convertible launches in Japan”

  1. Wow…either someone has copied the Piaggio Quasar 250cc motor, or this company is buying their power from Piaggio (or is that Zongshen?).

  2. There are a few “TGB” and “china” marked components in the Quasar motors, and we already know that Zongshen does some Piaggio models, I wouldn’t be surprised either way if the design is shared as part of a manufacturing deal or just outright stolen.

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