Return of the 2SB Action Toy

A repost from the old days: the 2strokebuzz Action Toy. (Click on image for print-friendly .pdf file)

(originally posted on 2sb on 1/21/01)

I was searching for junk on eBay last week and found this really nifty assemble-it-yourself cardboard toy that Esso service stations used to give to little French kids way back whenever.

The auction was sorta expensive, but the person selling it made two critical mistakes. First, they scanned it in at a pretty high resolution, and second, he lived in France. So I just horked that scan right off of there, and made my own version.

So now, you can download the high-res .pdf file of the 2SB version—in good ol’ English—featuring Vina and Bryan on the Vespa 150. Then you can print it out on your color printer. Then you have the option of framing it as-is, or actually going through the trouble of assembling it. If you cut it out and put it together, the arms wave, the eyes google, and Vina’s Fender Bass bounces. It is truly an amazing sight to behold. You will need to find some of those little brass thingies, though, or make do with some other sort of rivet. Have fun and don’t cut yourself.

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  1. damn you know, i made this thing a long time ago…i wonder if i still have it around?

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