LML: 4T PX, ET clones available soon?

The March 2008 issue of Scootering confirms earlier reports that LML (the Indian manufacturer of the Genuine Stella) is ready to start production of 4-stroke geared Vespa-PX scooters. The story, written by an owner of UK LML importers Eddy Bullet, reports that 125, 150, and 250(!)cc versions are in the works. On a recent trip to New Zealand, VCOA historian John Gerber met the local LML importer (Retro Scooter, who import the LML as the Belladonna) who also confirmed the news, though he didn’t mention a 250cc version. He reports the Belladonna is selling very well in New Zealand. Gerber also met an Indian scooterist living in New Zealand who had actually ridden the long-rumored LML Clipper (a clone of the Vespa ET-series).

We’ve asked Genuine to comment, presumably a 250cc California-legal Stella would be something they’d want to import, not to mention the ET clones, but we’ll see if they have any concrete details.

2 thoughts on “LML: 4T PX, ET clones available soon?”

  1. A 250cc PX clone?!? I reckon some folks *would* be interested in such a beast!

  2. The possibility of a CA-legal 4-stroke 250 is enough to keep me from buying anything else for a while. As it is, I was waiting on a summer announcement for the Stella 150 coming to CA. Not that I have any info to suggest such a thing.

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