Ramblo, Ramblas, Rambla, Ramblamos, Rambláis, Ramblan

Derbi unveils the Rambla 125 and 250. Now that Piaggio has broken brand precedent and released the Gilera Fuoco here as a Piaggio, maybe there’s hope for U.S. fans of distinctive Spanish scooter design.

5 thoughts on “Ramblo, Ramblas, Rambla, Ramblamos, Rambláis, Ramblan”

  1. That rocks. I think they could have done a 10% better job with the floorboard and dropped them a half an inch to an inch. But if it has passenger footpegs (I can’t see them but it should), it’s a great design, IMHO.

  2. I’ll bet that’s an interesting article……if only I could read French. I kinda like the design, squared off, upright riding position and it looks like it might have good suspension travel length. When and where can I see one in person in the USA?

  3. I agree with Brooke. I can see the 250 version of that selling pretty well to folks who absolutely, positively don’t want Vespa looks and think that the alternatives look too “plasticky.”

  4. P.S. I forgot to add, here is the Bablefish x-lation of the article. It’s pretty readable.

    After the protos of this at the very least original scooter seen in the living rooms, Derbi Rambla should this time arrive in its final version on our market at the end of March 2008. It will be declined into 125 and 250 Cm3.

    Monday March 3, 2008 – The range of Derbi scooters still misses fabric compared to competition. From where the idea to take again an already known platform, that of current Aprilia Sportcity, resticker and to also modify its figure to integrate it in the Derbi range into less expenses. The two marks form indeed part of the same group (Piaggio) and to make function synergies will not undoubtedly make evil with any of both. But from there to completely take again the line revealed on first Derbi Rambla revealed at the time of preceding the living room, there remains a margin. The mark speaks about opening, and with this intention, a more federator esthetics would be at the very least welcome. Gone up on rims of 15 inches, these scooters aim above all the Italian and Spanish markets, but will be quite as present in France which profits from an offer in models with large wheels increasingly important. Derbi Rambla will be available there into 125 and 250 Cm3. To follow on scooter-station in the weeks to come…

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