Christian Science Monitor on the scooter craze

It’s always tempting to make fun of The Christian Science Monitor, just because they’re Christian and all, but aside from a handsome-but silly illustration showing a Vespa S leaving a wake of natural goodness*, their obligatory scooter-craze story is pretty decent, rating a mere 12 drinks on the 2sb scale.

* I wish that was the true proportion of a Vespa S to a human being, that would be rad.

One thought on “Christian Science Monitor on the scooter craze”

  1. “Kymco’s Slover points out that there are still some fundamental differences between a scooter and a motorcycle. While all scooters have automatic transmissions – still a relatively rare sight on motorcycles – the main distinction is in the body configuration”

    Well, almost all new scooters at least.

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