Peugeot RCup and Speedfight Ultimate

Peugeot unveiled two new scooters last week, the Speedfight Ultimate Edition and the RCup. The RCup features a mismatched double-round-headlight look that seems to be popular these days (Sym Mio, Adly Panther, etc). It’s hard to believe no one’s been able to convince Peugeot to enter the U.S. market, they’re great scooters, very popular in Europe, and sold in many small markets. A few Peugeots were grey-marketed through a Florida company a few years ago, and their story is unclear, they were never listed as an official distributor on Peugeot’s site, and they folded shortly after distributing one small shipment.

One thought on “Peugeot RCup and Speedfight Ultimate”

  1. That Ludix looks rad. Nice flat floorboards and that black and white is hot. White is the new metallic pastel (a la the new Vespa S). Coincidentally I saw a Toyota Corolla S today. The red S on the badge reminded me of the Vespa S badge.

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